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Our Committee Members

Our Committee consists of:

  • Peter J. Barber - Past Treasurer, Muskie’s, Inc. International

  • Joe Bucher - Editor Emeritus Musky Hunter Magazine & Legendary Hall of Fame Muskie Angler;

  • Steve Budnik - Past President and Research Committee Chairman, Muskie’s, Inc. International;

  • Jim Bunch (Deceased) – Chairman, Muskie’s, Inc. Members Only Fishing Contest & Muskiemagazine “Lunge Log” Editor;

  • John Casselman, Ph. d. - Adjunct Professor, Queen’s University, Department of Biology, Senior Scientist Emeritus Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Applied Research and Development Branch, Member Muskie’s, Inc. & Muskies Canada

  • Terrie DuBe’ (Deceased) - Past Muskie’s, Inc. International Secretary & Professional Muskie Tournament Angler;

  • Brad Latvaitis - American Fisheries Society (AFS) Fisheries Professional Emeritus; Owner, Environmental Solution Professionals; Enshrined, Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame 2006; Muskie Historian & Researcher; (former) Contributing writer Musky Hunter magazine;

  • Mike Lazarus - Member Muskies Canada & Ontario and Quebec Muskie Guide;

  • Ron Lindner (Deceased) - Publisher Emeritus In-Fisherman Communications Network; Member Lindner Media Group & Hall of Fame Angler;

  • Pete Maina – (Former) General Manager/Co-owner Esox Angler magazine; Contributor Wisconsin Sportsman magazine & member Muskie’s, Inc.;

  • Bruce Michael - Business Development & Website entrepreneur responsible for multiple Muskie and Fishing related ventures. Lifelong Muskie Fisherman & Marketing Director for the MDMWRP.

  • Jerry Newman - Founder World Record Muskie Alliance (WRMA now WMA); Member Muskie’s, Inc. & Muskies Canada;

  • Steve Pallo – Management Programs Section Head Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Ret.)- Fisheries (Retired), American Fisheries Society (AFS), Certified Fisheries Scientist, Past Director-Research Muskie’s, Inc. International, Past Chair AFS Esocid Technical Committee, Life Member of Muskie’s, Inc., Co-Chair of Fisheries Habitat Committee Muskie’s, Inc.;

  • Gord Pyzer - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (Retired) Kenora, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Canada Magazine, Field Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine and Television Co-Host, The Real Fishing Radio Show, President, Canadian Angling Adventures Ltd. & Outdoor Editor/Columnist, the Kenora Daily Miner and News, the Fort Frances Times, Just Fishing and Grainews and multiple award winning Journalist;

  • Larry Ramsell, Chairman - Former Research Editor Musky Hunter magazine, Muskie Historian, Dual Hall of Fame Muskie Angler, Life Member & Past President, Muskie’s, Inc. International, Former Representative International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Former World Secretary National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (NFWFHF) & Former World Record Advisor NFWFHF (Resigned), Member Muskies Canada;

  • Steve Sarley - Host of CLTV's "The Great Outdoors" television program - 2002 to 2005, Host of "The Outdoors Experience" radio program on Chicago's NewsTalk 560-AM WIND – 2003 to present, Weekly columnist for Shaw Newspaper's "Northwest Herald," "Kane County Chronicle," and other Shaw daily newspapers, Monthly columnist for "MidWest Outdoors magazine" - 1996 to present;

  • Tim Simonson - Fisheries/Lake Sampling Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources WDNR) Spokesman & Co-chair State Musky Committee, Wisconsin DNR;

  • Marc Thorpe - Past President Muskies Canada & Ontario and Quebec Muskie Guide;

  • Diana Worline - Former Member Muskie’s, Inc. International Board of Directors & Professional Muskie Tournament Angler;

  • Steve Worrall - Owner Muskie First Internet Website & Member Muskie’s, Inc.

  • Tom Betka, MD, BA, BS (Aquatic Biology) -  Past Vice-President of Fisheries, Research & Youth, Muskies, Inc. International, Past Research Director, Titletown Muskies Inc., Green Bay, Wisconsin;

  • Will Schultz, Past President of the Michigan Muskie Alliance chapter of Muskie’s, Inc., chapter coordinator with the Michigan DNR;

  • Bill Hamblin - Well known Canadian Muskie Guide on Georgian Bay, Ontario, member of Muskies Canada and Author & co-author of several books on Muskies.

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